Purposeful Passion

A year and two months of having a business and I still can’t believe I have this cool ass job. I truly understand the statement: MY PASSION IS MY PURPOSE. I never knew I could feel so deeply about a certain thing until Worthy women started. I never knew that it would feel this good … More Purposeful Passion


I’m flowing rapidly in the direction of LOVE I’m flowing to Abundance I’m flowing to Prosperity I’m flowing to Happiness I’m flowing into my purpose A few ripples and tides, but I’m still flowing Now I’m CRASHING Crashing into Love Crashing into Joy Crashing into the coast Finally I’ve Landed Wandering on the surface Landed … More FLOWING

My Vibration

As I am healing I’ve become a new person. I am learning to recognize what’s best for me. My aura is different. My light was dim but now it’s bright again. I am honoring myself. I am reclaiming ownership. I am setting higher standards. I am accepting challenges. I am vibrating higher on the daily. … More My Vibration

Detox December

In September I created a journal challenge on social media. The goal was to focus on journaling all month and Stress Less. I gave prompts for each day and you could go at any pace to complete the prompts during the month. Next was: October Obligations: Focusing on life obligations in order to heal November … More Detox December


Here I am again forcing myself to write. A series of events have happened making it very hard for me to release, but at this point it’s a MUST. Although I know healing is not linear it’s crazy to think after 6 years you would be starting the process all over again. I really wish … More Renewal