Someone Sweet

Your kiss was enough to drive me crazy, Sent chills down my spine. It was so Divine. Though I barely know you, your arms felt like home. I felt comfort in you. I just wanna know, like Joe. I don’t need the physical, your heart is enough. Why does my spirit crave your company? I … More Someone Sweet


Another trip around the sun. Another a jog around the moon. Year 23 I discovered a new me Year 24 I wanna explore more. I’ve been reflecting over 23 and realized that it was just as trauma filled as 17. Ive realized that pain is always going to exist no matter what phase of life … More Transcend


Basking in sunshine Soaking up moisture Painting my pain away Holding space for myself Floating out of darkness Drifting into magical paradise I will protect my space I will respect my space I will honor my space

Purposeful Passion

A year and two months of having a business and I still can’t believe I have this cool ass job. I truly understand the statement: MY PASSION IS MY PURPOSE. I never knew I could feel so deeply about a certain thing until Worthy women started. I never knew that it would feel this good … More Purposeful Passion


I’m flowing rapidly in the direction of LOVE I’m flowing to Abundance I’m flowing to Prosperity I’m flowing to Happiness I’m flowing into my purpose A few ripples and tides, but I’m still flowing Now I’m CRASHING Crashing into Love Crashing into Joy Crashing into the coast Finally I’ve Landed Wandering on the surface Landed … More FLOWING

My Vibration

As I am healing I’ve become a new person. I am learning to recognize what’s best for me. My aura is different. My light was dim but now it’s bright again. I am honoring myself. I am reclaiming ownership. I am setting higher standards. I am accepting challenges. I am vibrating higher on the daily. … More My Vibration

Detox December

In September I created a journal challenge on social media. The goal was to focus on journaling all month and Stress Less. I gave prompts for each day and you could go at any pace to complete the prompts during the month. Next was: October Obligations: Focusing on life obligations in order to heal November … More Detox December