My Vibration

As I am healing I’ve become a new person. I am learning to recognize what’s best for me. My aura is different. My light was dim but now it’s bright again. I am honoring myself. I am reclaiming ownership. I am setting higher standards. I am accepting challenges. I am vibrating higher on the daily. … More My Vibration

Detox December

In September I created a journal challenge on social media. The goal was to focus on journaling all month and Stress Less. I gave prompts for each day and you could go at any pace to complete the prompts during the month. Next was: October Obligations: Focusing on life obligations in order to heal November … More Detox December


Here I am again forcing myself to write. A series of events have happened making it very hard for me to release, but at this point it’s a MUST. Although I know healing is not linear it’s crazy to think after 6 years you would be starting the process all over again. I really wish … More Renewal

Trigger fingers

When the fingers of others cause you to be triggered forever.   In the blink of an eye my heart is pounding,my chest is aching, my stomach is fluttering and my mind has taken three trips around the universe. I have gotten better with identifying moments that I am triggered but it still sucks. I’m … More Trigger fingers

Reveal 2 Heal

Roughly the first 2 years I was repressing memories. The thought of it haunted me. Until one day sophomore year of college I bust out crying in class. I mean crying hysterically. Not only did this happen in class, it was happening when I was alone. It would happen if I got scared. It was … More Reveal 2 Heal