Saved by the Art

Happy Wednesday people.

It took me years to be at this place where I can celebrate myself. Not as it relates to experiencing trauma in my teenage years but just an overall self love journey. I would say I’ve always been a creative individual, its in my DNA. I love creating things, painting things, writing things, reading things. I’m very curious about many things. My friends would describe it as nosey lol. I think I just like to analyze, understand, and appreciate.

Somewhere along my depression journey. I realized that painting was very therapeutic for me. I started painting wooden letters in college to decorate my room. Next thing I know people really inquired about me painting letters for them. I loved the idea of creating themed letters for special occasions or room decor. It made me feel at peace. When I picked up a paintbrush it felt like I was letting certain issues go. I was venting with each stroke of paint. Now I’m not claiming to be a spectacular painting artist, but I would love to learn techniques for free style painting. At the time I was really occupied with undergraduate school and work but lots of evenings and weekend I spent hours painting. I’ll attach some pictures to show some of the work I done.






My dad was really into graffiti and drawing at a young age and I believe I took after him with my interests. At my lowest points in life I turned to ART (Music, spoken word, poetry, painting,singing) I really believe these things kept me sane. In my adult years I would much rather go to a spoken word, poetry slam or art show over any club event. I love seeing people express themselves through art. It is the most beautiful thing to me because we are all trying to unpack some shit. At some point I honestly believe that there are generational curses and this world is raising broken people. I want to be apart of the change. I want to see my people heal and live their best life. I always encourage people to do what makes them truly happy. If you’ve been reading my older blogs then you know I quit my full time job in retail back in February of 2016. Yes it was scary. Yes it is still a struggle at times but it was also the best decision of my life to focus on myself and my business.

This post is to basically say that art saved my life. Art makes me feel alive. Art is life, Art is love. I’m wondering what are you guys favorite style of art ??


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